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Welcome to Sunblok – Coatings & Detailing, your ultimate destination for premium car detailing services in Fountain Hills, AZ. At Sunblok, we are not your basic detailing business, we don’t just clean vehicles; we transform them, elevating their aesthetic appeal and ensuring they always reflect the high standards you uphold.

We are more than a car care company; we are a vibrant community of automobile enthusiasts who understand the sheer joy of driving a well-maintained vehicle. Born out of a deep-seated passion for automobiles and an unwavering commitment to top-notch detailing services, Sunblok has rapidly grown into a trusted name in the industry, recognized for its exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service.

At Sunblok, every vehicle is a masterpiece waiting to be revealed. We firmly believe that each vehicle deserves meticulous attention and precision care—an ethos that echoes through our comprehensive range of services. From thorough interior and exterior detailing to advanced paint correction and protection, we offer tailored solutions designed to keep your vehicle in its prime.

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Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our outstanding services

We strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience that matches the quality of our work. Our exclusive membership program, for instance, offers a host of benefits including priority booking, flexible scheduling, and discounted rates on our other services. It’s our token of appreciation for our loyal customers and a testament to our dedication to ensuring their complete satisfaction.

What truly distinguishes Sunblok from the rest is our unwavering dedication to quality. Every vehicle we service is treated as if it were our own, receiving the highest level of care and meticulous attention to detail. Our team of seasoned professionals uses only the finest products and cutting-edge techniques to ensure your vehicle doesn’t just look new—it feels new. With us, you’ll surely experience great customer service during and after the detailing process and cleaning process. Contact Us today!




16824 E Parkview Ave, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268